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Read on for the latest press for The Wash on Popsugar.


If there's one person who knows their way around a tanning mouse and mitt, it's bronzed beauty and founder of The Elle Effect, Elle Ferguson.

Recently, they launched their new cleanser-meets-tan-remover, The Wash, a gentle oil-based formula designed to breakdown old tan and remove dead skin cells without over scrubbing or irritating the skin.

Unlike other tan removers that stripe the skin completely and leave it dried out, The Wash contains a stack of hydrating oils like coconut, olive and macadamia that works to cleanse as well as condition the skin, prepping it perfectly for your next streak-free tan.

"The Wash has taken just over a year in to develop. This is my first EE product to be made in an Australian lab. So I'm super excited about that. This product for me is just as important as the tan because it preps the skin for a perfect tan," says Elle.

For best results, Elle recommends applying The Wash and exfoliating mitt and massaging it into wet skin using circular motions until it lathers into a light foam, before rinsing.

Looks like your Wednesday night plans are now sorted.

Words by Bree Grant, Popsugar.