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From the ol' orange hands fiasco to triple coat condrudrums, we all make mistakes when it comes to self- tanning. But, most importantly, how do we avoid them? 

Here are some of the most common tan-trums and the best measures to put in place to circumvent them. Think of it as self-tanning insurance.

I’m 50 shades too dark! Help!

We’ve all done it. We’ve all gone overboard and thought seven coats seems a totally acceptable number because I need to be tanned for that new dress. Instead of freaking out, simply take to your uber dark tan with an oil-based wash like Elle Effect’s, The Wash. 

Why? Oil creates a barrier between skin and self-tanner so it will gently remove excess pigment evenly, and won’t come off patchy. 

I was flawless at the start - now I’m fading unevenly! 

Sometimes it seems different areas of the body have a mind of their own when it comes to your tan fading. The only way to secure an even fade is hydration, so keeping the skin moisturised at all times. And remember, as lovely and luxurious as a body oil is - only use an oil-free moisturiser. 

I have Cheetos hands and it’s too hot to wear gloves!

Thankfully, you can put the mittens away. Hands tend to absorb product more than the rest of our body, which is why you have to be super careful with them. Being diligent with application is a must, but if you’ve woken up with particularly overcooked hands (and because everyone hates “I told you so”), rub a towel in between your wrists to remove excess colour and take to your stained palms with the Exfoliator Mitt and a good dose of The Wash. In this case, friction is your friend and will remove any stubborn tan.

I’m patchy - do I scrub myself silly and start again?

No! You can remedy a patchy tan. Streaks and splotches are some of the most common tan-trums, and the best way to fix them without removing your entire tan, is to use a gentle body exfoliator like The Wash on the areas where you have too much pigment. Simply brush upwards using your Exfoliator Mitt and watch your mistakes melt away…

My face looks like it went to Mykonos and my body to Melbourne!

Let’s face it, a glowing golden complexion is all kinds of glorious, but sometimes you can get a little carried away when bronzing your visage. Fear not, however! Load up a super soft cotton ball with micellar water and gently wipe away any excess product build up. Repeat as many times as required, et voilà!