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We put Aussie fashion blogger Elle Ferguson's newbie to the test.

At InStyle, we know you love beauty as much as we do. We're fortunate to get to try the latest hairmakeup, and skin-care products every week. Most of it is exciting, some of it baffling, and sometimes it gets overwhelming. Alas, that is the beauty addict's burden to bear.

Speaking about overwhelming — let's stick to the present for now, and that’s why we’re bringing you reviews of the most buzz-worthy new products we’re trying and loving.

When Elle Ferguson's debut self-tanner, ELEFFECT, landed across my desk I couldn’t wait to take it home and see if this foaming formula lived up to the hype. This beauty launch is a first for Ferguson, who is best known as half Aussie fashion blogger duo They All Hate Us, which she co-founded with best friend Tash Sefton.

Just a few days after it’s release Kim Kardashian posted a photo of the sleek white bottle to her Instagram Story. Speaking of, the black-and-white design is fully customizable. Each tan kit comes with a sheet of cute millennial-friendly stickers. In addition, you get a reusable white bag which is perfect for travel and a clever tanning mitt for a full-proof application. 

While some tans throw green and purple, Ferguson reveals that red makes skin look more youthful - a trick also used by some of Instagram's most popular filters creating a soft glowing effect.

I was fortunate to chat with Elle at the Sydney launch where she revealed that ELEFFECT is formulated with red-based pigments. 

I decided to road-test ELEFFECT on a Saturday afternoon, I had Florence And The Machine tickets for that night and the forty-degree weather forecast called for shorts. Needless to say, my limbs were not summer-ready.

I knew I wouldn't have time to shower after applying the mousse but had read that this product didn't smell like fake tan. You know, that giveaway coconut, sugary smell that is synonymous with almost all tanning products. Not only did the lightweight foam feel like I was wearing nothing on my skin, it had the subtle smell of Californian roses. 

After just one layer my skin looked even and like I had just spent a weekend away at the beach. Plus, the result was completely streak-free and my skin felt nourished rather than dry like other tans that I have tried. Not only would I use this product again and again it's already garnered the attention of my fellow staffers who have all asked, "is that tan real?" 

Starting at $44.95 it's an affordable beauty buy that delivers high-end results. 

Words by Arielle Tsoukatos, InStyle.