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Balancing your regular skincare routine and a glowing, bronzed complexion is no easy feat. However, there are a few golden rules to follow during your week of glow to ensure your tan fades evenly with the rest of your body. Below, you’ll find everything there is to know about prolonging your tan and what to avoid in your skincare routine.

Skincare actives

Active ingredients that promote skin renewal and exfoliation such as AHA’s and retinols are should be avoided when self-tanning, however that doesn't mean you should remove them altogether. We would recommend reintroducing these ingredients into your skincare regime when your tan has naturally started to fade on day 4 or 5. This process of using active ingredients will exfoliate and gradually remove your tan.

Double cleansing

If you’re buffing away at the skin regularly, you’re going to see your tan fading faster than usual. We recommend limiting to just 1-2 daily cleanses with formulations that are free from acids. We love cleansers that include plant-derived ingredients to prolong your skin with much needed hydration.


Wiping a cotton ball across you face can create visible streaks and unwanted imperfections on your golden, glowing skin. We recommend avoiding toners and relying on your cleanser to do the work instead.


If you’ve tried our cult tan-removal product The Wash, you’ll already know how powerful gentle oils are at removing tan! We recommend avoiding any oil-based products and instead using oil-free moisturisers and cleansers.

Hot showers

While it is a luxurious way to end a long day, hot showers enlarge the pores and dehydrate the skin which is a recipe for a patchy complexion. We recommend showering with lukewarm water only, and ensure that you softly pat your skin down with a towel rather than rubbing too vigorously as this can cause streaks.

We hope this was helpful to you babes. If you have any questions, send us a DM via @elleeffect, we’d love to chat! You can shop the Elle Effect range here.