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From streaks to uneven application to tan build up, we’ve all been there - at least once! Whether you’re a tanning novice or an expert in the field, any DIY application comes with the chance that you might experience a mishap along the way. So, how do we fix our tanning mistakes with confidence?


Goodbye tan build up  

Ever wondered why you experience tan build up on your ankles, elbows and wrists? The DHA in tan tends to dry out the skin, so the areas that don’t receive enough moisture can appear less flawless once you apply self tan. If you’re prone to experiencing this, we recommend applying a small amount of oil-free moisturiser to these areas prior to tan application as this will ensure an even tan.

More importantly, make sure you have exfoliated the skin thoroughly before tan application. Our all new body cleanser-meets-tan-remover, The Wash, utilises a gentle oil-based formula to break down old colour without the use of harmful or irritating ingredients. Used in conjunction with The Exfoliating Mitt, self tan is removed without sensitising the skin, but it also gently massages away dead skin cells, assists with preventing ingrown hairs, improves circulation and leaves limbs silky-soft for tan-ready skin.

If you’ve already applied your tan and have noticed an area of tan build up, lightly use the Exfoliating Mitt and The Wash to gently buff the area and remove a layer of tan. 

Prevent fast-fading tan

Pre-tan exfoliation and daily moisturising are essential steps in the Elle Effect tan routine to prolong your glow and prevent fast-fading tan.  Before you apply Elle Effect Tanning Mousse, use The Exfoliating Mitt with The Wash over your whole body to remove any existing tan and banish dead skin. Once you’ve showered off your tan, ensure that you’re applying thick moisturiser morning and night 24 hours after application to keep skin free from dehydration - and avoid body oils as this will remove your tan.

Avoid patchiness

When showering off, do not use any soap or shower gels. Rinse the tan with water and pat your tan dry with a towel. Your self tan will remain perfect for longer if you don’t have long hot showers or baths. Hot tip: During your week of glow, opt for spraying your perfume on your clothes rather than your skin, as the chemicals in perfume will cause your tan to fade faster.

Hello streak-free skin

A common mishap for babes on the go, streaks or uneven tan can often happen when we haven’t paid full attention to the application process. If you’ve experienced a streak, we recommend using The Exfoliating Mitt and The Wash to remove the tan from the problem area completely. This will allow you to reapply a fresh coat of tan without creating more uneven streaks.

Your hands and feet require special attention 

Hands and feet should be the last areas that you apply tan to. Use the excess tan on your Luxe Applicator Mitt for this and remember to blend between the fingers and toes. These areas soak up the tan so don’t go overboard!

Plan hair removal wisely

As part of our pre-tan prep, we recommend shaving 24 hours prior to application as this will help close the pores and ensure application is flawless.

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