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Not just pretty, but practical too, our Elle Effect hair clips are a must for every beauty and self-tan buff.

Available exclusively with any purchase of The Wash (on its own or in a combo), our hair clips are loved by hair and make up artists and customers alike.

The king of glow, Max May, worked with us on our campaign shoot for The Wash so we asked him a few tips about what you need in your makeup kit and why you need the clips.

What one thing does every girl (or guy) need in their makeup kit?                                                                                    Eyelash curlers. They open the eye and make lashes look longer and more prominent.

You worked on The Wash campaign with Elle recently, what was the brief and how did you create it?
We really wanted to capture the skin in its best form. It need to look clean and fresh but also glow. The skincare prep was really essential. I wanted the skin to look as fresh, hydrated and plump as possible before I even started applying makeup.

We also applied Elle Effect Self-Tanning Mousse the day before the shoot so the skin was golden and glowing.

I used a super radiant sheer liquid foundation (Nude by Nature’s Luminous Liquid Foundation) and mixed it with a liquid luminiser so I could make the skin just GLOW!

I used cream colours in similar shades to the natural colours of the girl’s skin to add subtle washes of colour on the cheeks, lips and the eyes lids so it looked natural and not like they were wearing much makeup. 

We're giving away free hair clips for every purchase of The Wash as you know, why do you personally love the clips?
I love using no mark clips like these to hold hair away from the face while I’m doing makeup which you can see all through my Instagram.

I also use them to hold and set hair in a partial shape. Like for instance on the shoot, a couple of the girls had their hair back with gel, which I held in the exact shape I want to dry in with the clips.

You can also use them to hold curls around the face in place while they cool without getting any horrible marks from clips.




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